It is fundamental knowledge that patterns in the lottery exist. Even if you do not dig deep into the scientific facts proving this theory, you can easily spot lottery number patterns by simply looking at past lottery drawings. For example, an odd even pattern of OOO (Odd Odd Odd) or EEE (Even Even Even) in a Pick3 game rarely occurs back to back. This is a pattern. And there are many many more lottery number patterns in ALL numbered lotteries. When you are able to identify these lottery number patterns, it allows you to choose better lottery numbers to give you better odds of winning the lottery of your choice. This is a much more effective method of choosing lottery numbers then choosing a randomly selected lottery number without a logical basis as most people do.

However, because there are so many patterns that when put together can help you better your odds of winning, an average person does NOT have the mental capability to track and remember such patterns or to not make errors. For example, try to take 1,000 numbers in a Pick3 lottery game and eliminate all numbers that have the pattern EOE (Even Odd Even) in them. Then take the remaining numbers and eliminate all the numbers that have a HLH (High Low High) pattern in them. Can you do that in your mind and still remember the remaining numbers and without making an error? And if you wrote them down, how long would it take you to complete that task? Now imagine the numerious lottery patterns that exist. There are patterns like SUMS, IN/OUT, CURVE/LINE, ROUT SUMS, PAIRS, ETC...Can you process those multiple patterns in your head and how long would it take you to write them down without error?

This is where the VALUE of a system like LOTTODDS comes into play. Lottodds is a tool that allows you to utilize multiple pattern filters to reduce lottery numbers that have the least chance of winning. And because it is a computerized pattern system, such deduction can be done in a matter of seconds and without error while your own mind could take hours to days to complete and consist of errors. This type of methodology allows for you to focus on strategy rather then process. And strategy is a major key to winning combined with number pattern recognition. In other words, it is not the amount of play but how you play.  

For futher reading on lottery patterns, here is an article written in the newspaper Daily Mail.

You can also research the theory of the LAW OF LARGE NUMBERS. "The Law Of Large Numbers In Layman's Term In the lottery, this means that given enough number of draws, each ball in the number field exhibits the same probability. For example, you may notice that some numbers appear more frequently and some numbers don't perform equally" well.

WARNING: Your enlightenment about lottery patterns will uncover a surprising knowledge about many humans and their level of intelligence. And how such basic and fundamental logic surrounding patterns can be so misunderstood or not even understand by an average person no matter how many times it is explained to them. Such individuals will make random and general statements of how patterns in lottery numbers do not exist but when asked to address the obvious lottery patterns presented to them, they go silent.  

As I continue to post more blog articles, I am going to dig deep into lottery patterns and open your eyes to a new and improved way of looking at lottery numbers. It is TRULY fascinating and fun.