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from our community

I hit $12,000 within 2 weeks, but I’ve been hit 8 times in a month, so if anybody say Lottodds doesn't hit, I’m telling them they lie. Shout to David, who made this Lottodds; if it wasn't for him, it would not be possible, and shout to my boy Darrell with his even odds pattern

From johnson1

Hi David, I just wanna say thanks. I made the Lottodds account, like, two week ago and I just won 3 times tonight - $495 dollar - with the 646 even and box games, thanks again.

From mmonegro88

I won over $100,000 in Pick 3 in the last 7 days

From pick3p8n

I won over $90,000 in one day!

From deeluv, Bronx, NY

I have been a member since last week and today I played two evening games for the first time using Lottodds numbers and won both! Much more to come. Thank you

From renas