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Where luck meets pattern recognition.
Lottodds makes lottery winning achievable and predictable

Lottodds teaches you pattern recognition to help you choose winning lottery numbers. You can use those patterns to eliminate the numbers that have the least chance of being the next winner.

There are a number of patterns that help you to intelligently reduce the numbers and win more while spending less.

You also get a prediction tool that takes past winning numbers and displays lottery numbers that have the highest chance of winning next.

To catch the best times to play you will receive email alerts to help you spot the next winner.

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Lottodds is in every state that has Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries.

There are exceptions

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • North Dakota
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

We also don’t cover Puerto Rico and US Territories, yet.

You can play your local state lottery or don’t limit yourself and play all available states online.

Community is an essential part that helps you succeed

Our players are just like you: they have jobs, families, and hobbies. Besides that, they want to win.

Join our community of 4500 lottery enthusiasts. We will help you, support you, celebrate with you and make you a winner!

You can always get help from your peers on the Lottodds forum.

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from our community

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I hit $12,000 within 2 weeks, but I’ve been hit 8 times in a month, so if anybody say Lottodds doesn't hit, I’m telling them they lie. Shout to David, who made this Lottodds; if it wasn't for him, it would not be possible, and shout to my boy Darrell with his even odds pattern

From johnson1

Hi David, I just wanna say thanks. I made the Lottodds account, like, two week ago and I just won 3 times tonight - $495 dollar - with the 646 even and box games, thanks again.

From mmonegro88

I won over $100,000 in Pick 3 in the last 7 days

From pick3p8n

I won over $90,000 in one day!

From deeluv, Bronx, NY

I have been a member since last week and today I played two evening games for the first time using Lottodds numbers and won both! Much more to come. Thank you

From renas

Big Boss leaving all kinds of clues for us to get this fish. Just read, take decisive action & bank. The intel is all here. I love how simple this 123 pattern is. I turned off my draw alerts. 123 pattern - straight gangster.
Bankroll steady building, 3 days in a row - straight wins. Thank you Big Boss!

From hyper_one

Thanks to you and your team of excellent programmers and technicians for all the hard work and dedication in designing a tool for the Lottodds community. This tool will most certainly be the talk of the town, or at least, in the dedicated lotto players’ community, especially for those folks, who are serious and intelligent lottery players.
I don't think no one can ask for anything better. It's surely a labor of love and devotion.
Blessings, peace and prosperity, always and forever. Long live Lottodds nation!!!
Peace out.

From mobile merchant

won $12375 in 2 days using 1234 system from Lottodds

From gaby

Won $800 GA Cash 3 for both Eve and Night 9/5/18 using Lottodds. I used the HL and OE patterns to win. I am still trying to understand the 1234 formula so I continue to study.

From ramcee53

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