How to use Lottodds

Lottodds is a powerful tool for intelligent lottery players. Here you will learn how to make the most of Lottodds.

Lottodds teaches you PATTERN RECOGNITION to help you choose winning lottery numbers. ALL lottery numbers sit on patterns and create patterns that can be used to help you eliminate lottery numbers that have the least chance of being the next winner. Lottodds is about choosing PATTERNS, not numbers. You pick the numbers after you select the patterns. This way you can tremendously increase the odds and minimize your investment.

For example, the 1,000 Pick3 lottery numbers sit on only eight (8) odd/even patterns. By understanding these simple patterns, you can remove 500+ numbers that will most likely NOT be the next winner and don’t waste money on betting on them.

You can use pattern FILTERS to reduce even more numbers logically. Those are number patterns, odd/even patterns, high/low patterns, pairs, curve/line, in/out, lowest winning digits, spike/trough, consecutive numbers, and sums. Use the patterns and filters that you need, learn from other winners and create your own winning strategies.

The main feature of Lottodds is a PREDICTION tool that takes past winning numbers and displays lottery numbers that have the highest chance of winning next. It includes lottery CHARTS with previous winning numbers to show you where the winners are hitting the most for a specific period of time.

You can subscribe to email alerts to help you catch the next winner. You can choose from no hit, odd/even repeat and doubles email alerts. We designed the alerts to help you spot the most advantageous days to play.

If you’re afraid to make a mistake, you can start by making bets without money. Just choose the numbers you would have played and checked the results later. When you are confident enough, try playing with real money.


To get started, please fill out your first and last name your profile. It already has your email and password. If you haven’t chosen your forum username during signing-up, you can do it later in the profile section. You can edit all those settings anytime you want.


On this page you sign-up for the monthly Lottodds subscription with Paypal. First 30-days the subscription is free. At this time, Paypal is the only payment method accepted. You can suspend your account anytime if you switch the button on the Subscription page to the “Disable” mode and save the changes. You will have access to all Lottodds features until the end of your subscription month. To turn the subscription back on just put the button in the “Enable” mode and save the changes. You can cancel your membership anytime by going to your Paypal account and canceling recurring monthly payments.


History page has a record of all your monthly payments.


You can set up email alerts for “No Hit” “Odd/Even Repeat” and “Doubles.”

No Hit: The No-Hit alert sends you an email and informs you how many days a lotto chart has NOT produced a winner.
For example, if you’re playing 3 as your lowest digit and it hasn’t come out in a lottery of your state, there is a high chance that is will shortly appear, probably, in the next drawing or in a drawing after that.
The idea is to study a State’s lottery patterns to discover the maximum days a Chart produces a winner with the numbers in that chart and to then play that chart’s numbers or only a selected amount of numbers on that chart.

Odd/Even Repeat: The Odd/Even repeat alert allows you to set up an email alert that informs when either an odd or even number has reiterated multiple times in a column.
For example, if you set the alert to three even numbers in the first column, you will receive an email alert when the State(s) you selected produces three winners with three even numbers in the first column.
In Pick3, there are three columns. In Pick4, there are four columns.
The alert gives you hints when the next winner will flip from odd to even and vice versa which helps you to eliminate numbers that have the lowest chance of winning next.

Doubles: The Doubles alert allows you to set up an email alert that informs you when doubles repeat back to back.
For example, if you set the alert for two doubles, then you will receive an email alert when the last two winners for the State(s) you selected contained doubles like 121 and 885, etc.
Since it is most likely the next winner will NOT contain a double, you can remove all numbers with doubles.


You use Win alerts for training and fill out the numbers you would have played. Or you can watch the numbers that should become winners, but you’re not sure about playing them right now. You will then spot the patterns and create your own strategies.
Win alert page, of course, allows you to enter lottery numbers you played to receive an email alert when those numbers win.


There are two main lottery game types – straight (with a higher prize) and box. With Lottodds you can choose numbers and play both.

CHARTS are a part of the prediction tool.
They have all the lottery numbers organized by LOWEST WINNING DIGIT(S).
For example, to play 1 as the lowest digit in a Pick3 game, see Chart 1. The majority of Pick3 winners have the lowest number from 0, 1, 2, and 3.
You can apply past winners to the chart to find the potential winners in a specific area of the chart.
Also, you can use pattern filters to remove numbers that will most likely not win in the next drawing.
The numbers in a chart have three colors: blue, red and black. For a straight game, you should play all the numbers. For a box game – only red and black numbers are enough. Black numbers are combinations where a chosen digit is the lowest, and the red numbers – where two remaining digits are doubles.
If the next winner contains the lowest digit in the Charts, it is guaranteed that the winner will be one of the black numbers.
If the next winner contains that lowest digit and it’s a triple/double, it is guaranteed the winner will be one of the red numbers in the Charts. For example, if you played all the black numbers in Chart 1 for a box game and the next winner has the lowest digit 1 in it, you are guaranteed to win. You can search any past state lottery winning numbers to verify that yourself.

The Predictions page is one of the most powerful features on Lottodds.
It helps you to create more winning strategies than just playing the lowest digit number.

To become more confident with the tool and pick up a few tricks see the tutorials and winners videos on our blog.

Primary Numbers: This box displays the numbers produced by the “Combine winners” and “Past winners” drop-down menus. Lottodds shows you past winners in the states of your choice. People usually play winning numbers from the last three lottery drawings. Play with the filters and see what works for you.
When you press “Apply,” Lottodds’ algorithm creates a new set of numbers from the past winning numbers. If you press “Apply” the second time, the algorithm generates primary numbers from that new set of numbers. Those primary numbers are the numbers have the highest odds to win in the next drawing.
Red/Black Numbers: This box contains the RED/BLACK BOX game numbers located on the individual charts (see explanation above).

All 1,000/10,000 Combos: This box contains all the lottery numbers for Pick3 and Pick4.
The tab displays 1,000 numbers for Pick3 and 10,000 numbers for Pick4 and allows you to utilize the pattern filters to remove numbers that have the lowest chance of winning next.
Thus you don’t need to play all 1,000 or 10,000 numbers and save your money.
Each additional filter helps you to reduce further the numbers that you can finally play.
You can select past winning numbers and have a set of numbers displayed that have a higher chance of winning next using the prediction tool.

Additional Filters: The page contains the following other filters to help you further reduce the numbers that have the lowest chance of winning: front/ back/ split/ middle/ front-split/ back-split pairs, consecutive numbers and SUMS.

AUTO-SELECT BUTTON allows you to eliminate numbers based on past winners automatically. You don’t need to analyze the patterns, just choose the numbers you want to play.


Communicate and ask questions to other members and work out playing strategies.
We post relevant updates, celebrate wins and collect feedback from you. So don’t be shy and start socializing right after you have signed-up.


Send us a Youtube video of your winning lottery tickets or 5Dimes screenshot after using the Lottodds methodology and tools, and we will post that video in the WINNER'S CIRCLE once the win is verified.